About the Author

Untitled-2My grandmother and I were great pals, since I was very small, up to her death when I was 27. She lived in Toronto and my family went to see her every summer; later she came to live with us in Charlottesville, VA, for about half of each year. But I have hardly written this book — mostly assembled it from her own writings, with a minimum of connective tissue between. My mother helped gather the materials, and did a little of the writing, but she was growing old, and the organization of the project is mine. For most of my working life I have been a teacher at college level, and most of that in England, where I moved in 1972 with my English wife, whom I met in North Carolina where she was studying. I taught English literature at a teacher training college under the University of Leeds, which has since become independent. Now retired, I live in Leeds alone, my three children and their small children being spread over the country.